And Then the World Blew Up (Paperback)

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By Fish
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This collection is an intellectual punch in the face to the new political order.

What do you get when you cross a fistful of pens and an enormous stack of blank paper with somebody who resents the sweet-smelling muzzle of good manners and polite conversation, who delights in always saying the wrong thing at the right time in contempt of every expectation that the naked truth is at all obscene? You get a collection of cartoons, illustrations, personal essays and culture-war correspondence from an author who's just trying to defuse the apocalyptic bomb that is the miracle of our Creation. Drawn, painted, and collaged in Mr. Fish’s many virtuosic styles, And Then the World Blew Up is an eloquent take-no-prisoners response to American political life.

About the Author

Dwayne Booth, more commonly known as Mr. Fish, is an American political cartoonist based in Philadelphia. His work has appeared in Harper’s Magazine, The Nation, The Village Voice, Truthdig, The Atlantic, and the LA Times.

Praise For…

Here we have the budding conscience of the heedless satirist—unafraid to call bullshit on who- or whatever the powers may be. ... Like the wake-up pill in The Matrix, Mr. Fish’s graphic broadsides can jolt viewers out of complacency.

— Village Voice
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ISBN: 9781683960423
ISBN-10: 1683960424
Publisher: Fantagraphics
Publication Date: November 21st, 2017
Pages: 208
Language: English