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Coming mid-July. Eddie Glaude's BEGIN AGAIN: James Baldwin's America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own

RevBooks review: "Resonates with striking and often painful relevance today with a white supremacist in the White House ... stunningly crafted..." Read more

Life stories that draw the line
from slavery to the full emancipation of Black people and all of humanity

All three together for $50
Journey from Douglass's monumental battle against bondage through Baldwin's 1960s and into the life of Bob Avakian and what went into making him the most important political thinker and leader in the world today ... Read more

A novel, a history, a handbook for changing the world
An empire to end, not to celebrate

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History of the US-devised torture and holocaust in 1965 Indonesia (capitol city Jakarta) ... a novel of refugee boats and migrating whales cross-cutting with disrupted lives across continents ... and the handbook  for the revolution humanity needs - and you need to know about... Read more

Watch "Nothing Less" statement from Bob Avakian, revolutionary leader, author and architect of the revolutionary new communism

To know and change the world, get into Bob Avakian and the New Communism

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HOW LONG? After 400 years, long past time for this system of oppression and murder to go!

PLEASE NOTE: Many essential books about the history of American slavery, genocide and white supremacy are selling out from publishers and distributors and are being rushed to print. Keep checking back; meanwhile, browse our recommended titles that you may not know. AND many titles are available in e-book and audio format. Click the book to see.

American Empire and American Crimes

Past time to use the F word!
The horrors of fascism, the real history and what it means for now

Children and young adults can understand and change the world

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Fiction and the raw truth of racist America

New history titles that caught our eye

Fiction from around the world to expand your world

Understanding pandemics

Gender and sexuality: the oppression of women and LGBTQ people

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Science and the environment

The Russian Revolution (1917-56)...The Chinese Revolution (1949-76)